State Purchase Ensures Access to R.I. High Point

Jerimoth Hill sign on 101 in Exeter

The state of Rhode Island has purchased 5.5 acres at the top of Jerimoth Hill in Exeter (off RI-101), the state’s highest point, giving hikers easy access to the lofty (812 foot) spot. For years, it was a wry joke among so-called “highpointers” that one of the lowest high points in the U.S. was also one of the hardest to conquer because landowners blocked access to the hill. But the recent purchase from Brown University, combined by another state land acquisition three years ago, guarantees that anyone can now reach the peak of Jerimoth Hill.

(Photo © S-bahn via Flikr)



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  1. sbahn says:

    Hey, thanks for using the pic. I think it’s fantastic that the State was able to buy the land to provide access to little Rhody’s highest point!

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