County Cork Irish Pub, On the Warwick Waterfront!

The County Cork Irish Pub is entering its first summer season down by the Brewer marina off 117. The owner, Cora, used to work at O’Rourke’s in Pawtuxet village, and you’ll find some of the same convivial atmosphere here. Located on the site of the former On the Dock Grill, County Cork operates a bit better as a pub than a restaurant — the food has its ups and downs, and the portions aren’t great. But it has a really nice deck overlooking Warwick Cove, making this a great summer stop for a cold Guinness or Harp.

UPDATE: The County Cork recently hosted their first waterfront wedding reception, and what a nice location for a gathering of 20-30 people! Definitely something to consider if you’re planning an event…



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