Ogling the Retro Glory of Ogie’s Trailer Park

Marty McFly, eat your heart out: Providence denizens can get back to the future in mid-Century retro-cool style at Ogie’s Trailer Park, the great new indoor-outdoor bar in the West End.

IMG_2834Don’t let the name fool you: the theme here isn’t “trailer trash” but rather an embrace of the fun spirit of post-war campouts a la Yogi and Boo Boo; the backyard is adorned with classic aluminum-sided campers, a Tiki bar, and vintage metal patio furniture. The only thing missing is the pink flamingoes. Inside, the lava lamps, starburst lights and bright aqua walls signal a mix between Sixties suburban bedroom and Vegas lizard lounge, with 80s exercise videos playing on continuous loop for a touch of fabulous. IMG_2829

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Classic cocktails dominate the drink menus, including an excellent Hurricane made with fresh juice, a classic Mint Julep, and a type of tequila sour (think of a margarita with lemon instead of lime). The food menu is compact and focused on burgers, grilled cheese, a variety of tater tots, and some delicious mac and cheese croquettes; you order your food at the kitchen window and get a state license plate to carry back to your table until your order is up (“Now serving Oklahoma!”)

IMG_2833Ogie’s is named after owners Dan and Jessica Becker’s cat (check out his Warhol-esque portrait on the wall); the couple, of Duck and Bunny fame, brings the same light and fun spirit to their Westminster Street digs (near Loie Fuller’s and the equally retro West Side Diner) and as they do at the super-popular breakfast/brunch “snuggery” on Wickenden. Ogie’s is light on pretense but oh so cool; come as you are, but if you have a beehive hairdo or a James Dean jacket, all the better.



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