College Hill Builds a ‘Better Burger’

Burgers are sort of an enigma in the culinary world; it’s hard to mess one up, but it’s also hard to make a truly memorable one. For me, as long as it’s juicy, big, and cheesy, there’s little to contest.

burgerAt Better Burger Company on Thayer Street, referred to by locals as “BBC,” that’s exactly what you can expect of the burgers: fresh flavor, big portions, and tasty toppings. However, what BBC has to offer goes far beyond a simple (though delicious) cheeseburger. BBC’s menu includes not only beef burgers, grass-fed burgers, lamb burgers, buffalo burgers, and more meat-based burgers, but also salmon burgers, veggie burgers, black bean burgers, and falafel burgers, all made in-house. All bread products (including gluten free and whole wheat options) are also made fresh by local bakeries. 

On my recent visit to BBC, I had a plain cheeseburger with cheddar cheese and a side of sweet potato fries. When the burger arrived, the cheddar was melting off the side of the patty into cheddar-y oblivion (see photo; beware of drooling), the bun was light and well-toasted, and the fries were crisp without being overly oily or soggy. Overall, a satisfying sight, and even better bite.IMG_0998

In addition to their burger options, BBC also has hot dogs, french fries, sweet potato fries, and other sandwich and wrap options, as well as fried Oreos – yup, you heard that right, and yes, they’re just as delicious and heartburn-inducing as you’d think. But hey, life’s short — eat your fried dessert first.

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As far as atmosphere goes, BBC is a laid back place. In fact, one of the coolest things about this burger joint is that it also has a bar offering beer and wine, so you can grab a seat at the counter, chow down on some burgers and fries, and watch whatever game of the week is on. If sports and drinking aren’t your scene, there’s also a sizable dining area separate from the kitchen, with plenty of tables and chairs so you can set up burger camp with any number of people – your sports team, your math club buddies, you and your Tinder date … whatever.

Overall, Better Burger Company is a reliable go-to for satisfying, well-priced burgers in a cool area of Providence, where the diverse opportunities for people-watching are almost as varied as the options on the menu. If you’re craving a burger on College Hill, BBC is a safe bet – but those fried Oreos, on the other hand … well, Brown Medical has good reviews too, right?

Better Burger Company

215-217 Thayer St.

Providence, RI 




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