It’s Game On at G Pub in Providence

IMG_0880Located on the basement level of the ProvidenceG building on Orange Street, G Pub is a great find for sports enthusiasts and beer lovers alike.

Let’s start with the important stuff, as pub requirements go: Solid beer list? Check. G Pub rotates out its taps regularly, cycling in new seasonal brews and offering an extensive list of draft, bottle, and can options. Next: TVs. Yup, they’ve got em’, and they’ve got plenty. In fact, every booth along the wall has its own flat-screen playing whichever games are on that night – basketball, baseball, Olympics, drafts – you name it, they’ll put it on for you. In addition to the booths, there are also TVs lined up and down the bar, giving this place real “man cave” feel – especially since it’s in a basement.IMG_0883

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In addition to a good selection of alcohol and sports, G Pub also offers a great menu. My personal favorite part of the G Pub food is the “snacks” section, where you can order any number of bar munchies that range in the $3-$5 range. These include house-cured beef jerky (which my table devoured before I could get a decent picture), homemade chips and pimento spread (literally could eat this dip with my fingers, it’s so good), soft pretzels with homemade spicy mustard, and more.

Beyond the snack list, G Pub also offers a variety of typical bar eats, including nachos, wings, and burgers. They also have a unique selection of hot dogs, including the “Jersey Ripper,” which is just as daunting as it sounds – a hot dog wrapped in bacon and fried, served with sauerkraut, mustard, and celery salt. Yes, it might kill you, and yes, it’s delicious.

For those who aren’t looking to code out on nitrates, the dinner entrees include Steak Frites, Fish Tacos, and Shrimp N’ Grits. There is also a great selection of sides, including sweet potato fries, fries with gravy, and mac and cheese.IMG_0890

If copious drinks, plenty of TVs, and tasty food still aren’t enough to convince you, G-Pub also has karaoke rooms, billiards, and a bunch of promotional nights to check out. My personal favorite is Major League Wednesdays, which includes beer specials, sausage and peppers, “Fenway” hotdogs, and peanuts for the table – all while streaming the Sox as they attempt to be good at baseball again (JK, love you Red Sox.).

My only complaint about G-Pub is that the service is a bit slow, but if you’re here for a game, then it’s not much of an issue. Keep the drink orders flowing, the snacks well-stocked, and settle in. For a night of sports, beer, and cheering way too loud for hometown heroes, G-Pub in Providence is a must.

Providence G Pub

61 Orange St.

Providence, Rhode Island 02903




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