Tasty Treats Abound Below Deck at the Ocean House in Westerly

(Photo © Shaina Weintraub)

The Ocean House in Westerly has opened the doors to its newest sweet surprise: Below Deck, a snack shop featuring drinks, old-fashioned coffee, gelato, and more.

Below Deck is a cozy spot underneath the back deck of the Ocean House, where the walls are lined with candy and the freezers are full of homemade gelato. From espresso to mint to butterscotch, and all flavors in between, the homemade gelato is refreshing, fresh, and the perfect treat to carry down to the beautiful path to the private Ocean House beach.

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(Photo © Shaina Weintraub)
(Photo © Shaina Weintraub)

Below Deck is open seasonally, with its feature attractions being a homemade donut maker and homemade sauces. However, its summer draw is most certainly the cool and refreshing gelato. And the great news is you don’t have to have one or the other – you can have both!

As one of the members of the Below House staff advised, “Get fat on ice cream, eat some donuts, and buy a bikini.” Sounds like a good use of beach vacation time to me!



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