Giant Lite-Brite Part of Providence Children’s Museum Fun

In 1967, local Rhode Island company Hasbro released the first Lite-Brite into the toy market. Now, at the Providence Children’s Museum, kids can play on a giant-sized version of the “light-and-peg” game with a huge light box and jumbo  pegs. As the old jingle says, “Turn on the magic of colored lights!”

Also at the Providence Children’s Museum is the ever-popular “water room,” which teaches kids about how water flows, how steam is made, and how dams work, as well as the “History of Rhode Island” exhibit, a toy and construction area, puzzle and drawing stations, reading areas, and more.
Watch out for weekly and monthly events to get discounts on visiting with your family and little ones, or visit any time during the week. A fun place for kids and adults alike, the Providence Children’s Museum is a global learning experience with a few nice nods to Little Rhody’s heritage.



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