Quick Colt Dip the Simple Cure for Summer Heat

Colt State Park
Colt State Park (Photo by Jim Willis/CC by SA 2.0)

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most satisfying.

One blisteringly hot summer day, we found ourselves at Colt State Park in Bristol, the gem of the state park system, with 464 acres of sprawling lawns, ancient stone walls and curving drives along the shoreline. The entire western border fronts Narragansett Bay, and its four miles of bike trails are second to none, as are its groomed fruit trees, flowering bushes, 10 ballfields, a historical museum, six picnic groves and its popular tie-the-knot site, the Chapel By the Sea.

There’s a town beach adjacent to the park, but it’s not particularly attractive. So what to do on a brutal summer day? Simply park, slip down the long riprap wall by the bay, and plunk in. That’s what I did one day, ignoring the slipperiness of the rocks in the water. You just gingerly make your way in, lay back and float in the cooling ocean to your heart’s content.

Simple pleasures are often the best treasures.



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