What’s Good at The Goose is Good for the Hunger

When someone suggests a breakfast spot that will change your life, you take it with a grain of salt. Lofty promises in the subjective culinary landscape are seldom met.

Unless it’s breakfast – or lunch for that matter – at The Cooked Goose on Watch Hill Road in Westerly. I ate there one morning and while it may have not literally changed my life, for an hour or so it made it that much tastier.

The reasons are simple: Great food at decent prices in whopping portions. Also, the coffee they serve is from Rhode Island’s caffeine kings, New Harvest, and the restaurant’s lovely location is right across from Gray’s Boatyard.


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I’m not alone in this assessment; this local and tourist hotspot is packed at peak times when the fireplace area is a popular hangout. In good weather, eat on the outside patio; it somehow makes the food taste better even despite being immediately adjacent to the parking lot. It’s a great people-watching spot, too, customers constantly flowing in and out, to eat in the dining area or at the soda-fountain counter.

IMG_1659You can get omelets and bacon and eggs and pancakes anywhere, but why be boring? Live it up at The Goose with things like porchetta & egg, with house-made Roman-style pork roast with two eggs on a brioche roll with hot sauce and provolone cheese. It was by far the best breakfast sandwich I ever had, huge and filling for 8 bucks.

Breakfast is not expensive, all in the $6-$13 range. Check out the Cooked Goose truffled eggs for $12.50, two eggs grilled on Italian bread with melted fontina cheese and truffle oil, served over asparagus with home fries. Or the titanic breakfast burritos for $9, two scrambled eggs with white cheddar and refried black beans wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with guacamole, pico de Gallo, sour cream and a good kick of jalapeno peppers.

The Cooked Goose makes it own corned-beef hash, cures much of it own meats, and offers a variety of baked goods made on site and a huge assortment of cheeses.

The restaurant is also popular in summer for beach take-out. How could it not be with sandwiches like “The Pig Kahuna” of Black Forest ham, pineapple preserves, lettuce, red onion and cream cheese on a toasted grinder roll or “The Goose,” Italian tuna, Bel Paese cheese, sweet peppers and arugula on a toasted ciabatta?

Will The Cooked Goose change your life? It might, in very tasty doses.



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