Populist Punch Tops Yacht Club Ticket

The presidential election is over, which has left a bad taste in many mouths depending on who you voted for. Yacht Club Bottling Works added another twist to this year’s campaign that just might help you wash that taste away – or make it worse, depending on who you voted for.

The North Providence soda company conducted a “Soda Pop Poll,” with two drinks – Hillary’s Liberal Limeade and Donald’s Populist Punch, along with Gary’s Sassy Sarsparilla. The results are in and reflect the actual election, which by a very close margin, went to Donald’s Populist Punch, said John Sgambato, owner of Yacht Club Bottling Works.


In all, there were 48,048 bottles sold in the poll, and the voting had Donald’s at 46. 3%, Hillary’s at 44.5% and Gary’s at 9.2%. The results were announced live on NBC 10 WJAR’s Facebook page at noon on Election Day. Rhode Island cartoonist Frankie Galasso designed the limited edition labels, and Mike Corsini of Skepsis Multimedia was the graphic designer. Hillary’s pop was raspberry lime, Donald’s a traditional fruit punch that begins with strawberry flavor and ends with notes of peach.

“I hope it was a fun way to make it through this election year,” Sgambato said. “We really appreciate your support and look forward to creating more political pops in the future.”

He said the flavors are available until sold out, along with the always available complete line of Yacht Club sodas and seltzers at the company store at 2239 Mineral Spring Ave., and at select stores throughout Southeastern New England, and at farmers markets.

For the record, Rhode Island voters in the real election gave Hillary 55% of the vote and Donald 40%. Is it too soon to start thinking about what we’ll be drinking in 2020?



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