New Providence Wine Bar Toasts the Experimental and Organic

Nobody wants to pair their humanely raised pork belly with a Bud Light or a mass-produced wine, so the folks behind Providence’s new Fortnight Wine Bar have put the focus on “thoughtfully made” food and drink “produced by people who spend most of their time in a field somewhere covered in dirt, juice and sweat.”

Located in the former Aruba Steve’s space on the corner of Dorrance and Weybosset streets, the 35-seat Fortnight is a “casual, experimental” cooperative effort that features beer and wine by local brewers and vintners, along with locally sourced meats and produce transformed by the kitchen into adventurous takes on New England favorites, like potted lobster and smoked bluefish chowder. Pickles, brines, braises, rillettes, smokes, and cures play a prominent role in food preparations.

“Fortnight will serve inventive, creative, delicious food without having to throw mountains of it away when it spoils,” says co-owner Chris Norris-LeBlanc. “The best part? We’re dedicated to keeping prices low, even for the good stuff.”

Exploration is part of the experience: the menu changes daily. Profits from the venture will be invested back into developing similar coops by local producers. “We believe that the co-op structure is a better way to organize work,  and it’s a model we want to give more and more people a chance to try,” said co-founderMike da Cruz. “Fortnight’s success will allow the development of other local Providence cooperatives to continue building a network of people doing work that feels good for them.”

Fortnight Wine Bar

79 Dorrance Street, Providence, RI 02903


Open Daily, 5 p.m. – 1 a.m.

(Photo by David/CC by 2.0)



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