A Bitter Affair at Twin River

Bitters are an essential but sometimes unappreciated ingredient in craft cocktails: your average bar likely has a bottle of Angostura bitters to make an Old Fashioned, but there are far more choices of bitters (and far more interesting and innovative ways to use them) out there waiting to be discovered.

Today and tonight, the Twin River Casino is hosting A Bitter Affair, with events highlighting the history, diversity, and use of cocktail bitters. The event is led by Frank Martucci, the casino’s food and beverage director, who also is the driving force behind the annual Tequila and Rum Festival.

Schedule is as follows. Get tickets here: http://www.livenation.com/events/631170-feb-7-2017-a-bitter-affair

Tuesday February 7 


3 p.m. Round Table “Why Is Everyone So Bitter: The Evolution of the American Palate”

·         A gathering of top food and beverage professional from around the East Coast to discuss the evolution of the American Palate. Moderated by Jonathan Pogash. Panelists: Paul Sevigny- DiSaranno, Willie Shine Jägermeister, Scott Mayer-Infinium Spirits, Lindsay Matteson-Amar y Amargo, Michael Lester- MS Walker~Russ Beauregard-Long Trail Brewery, T.J Delle Donne-Johnson & Wales University, Bill McAvoy-Two Road Brewing Company, Nick Korn-Campari~OFFSITE, Duane Sylvestre- Collectif 1806/Remy Cointreau

3:45pm: #DJStive Tour 2017 “Herbal Bitter Origins”

The exploration of Origins of the Herbal & Bitter Sector of Digestives through Italian Amari & German Kräuterlikör with Willy Shine Brand Meister of Jägermeister

4:30 pm: Make Me Something Good: Aroma, Taste, and What Determines our Individual Palate

Exploring how our senses of smell and taste combine to create our perception of flavor. With Lindsey Matteson of Amar y Amargo-NYC

5:15 pm: A Blind Date with a true legend…Triple Sec

Come take a deep dive into the world of triple sec…let your palate explore the many tangible tastes of this amazing spirited category…with Duane Sylvestre- Collectif 1806/Remy Cointreau

5pm-8pm- Grand Tasting (Rhodehouse Live)

Come put a little bitterness into your life, and experience the amazing world of food & beverage products that fashioned and influenced the world’s culture for hundreds of years. Through seminars, food & beverage demonstrations and grand tasting every guest will experience many aperitif, digestif & bitters products sourced locally and from around the world. Truly a love story tasting and event from beginning to end.

8pm-9pm- “It’s Never A Bitter Ending Post Party with Zucca of Milan. Come Experience the culture of the old Zucca Bar of Milan Italy with creative cocktails…

·A Bitter Affair” benefit the USBG National Charity Foundation: usbgncf.org

(Photo by Achim Schleuning/CC by SA 4.0)



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