Feast Your Eyes on These Fantastic Burgers!

Steak is the secret ingredient in the excellent burgers served up at Feast Sandwich Shop, a new East Greenwich eatery that’s done a booming lunch business and has a growing cult following of people who love what comes between two buns. 

Feast’s burgers are its calling card: I’m simple folk when it comes to food, so I go for the classic American — medium-rare patty and American cheese topped with bacon, crispy lettuce, a fresh tomato slice and served on a semi-sweet brioche bun to absorb all those yummy burger juices. Snap off bites of the pickle on the side between bites, or take a dip into the spicy sriracha “special sauce,” made in-house. If the side of curly fries doesn’t quite satisfy, we totally recommend the Broken Yolk Poutine — the yellow yolk blends effortlessly with the brown gravy poured over house-cut fries and smoked gouda and cheddar cheese. Delicious, eh?

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Other burger options include a St. Louis version topped with pulled pork, the La Jolla with avocado slices, California style, and the Hawaii-inspired Mahalo with teriyaki bacon and pineapple. Not a burger guy (or gal)? Try a Cubano or another pressed sandwich, a wrap, a fancy frank, or — if you must — a salad. Stubborn Sodas are served on the side in a variety of fun flavors, including agave vanilla, lemon berry acai, and orange hibiscus.

Feast’s cozy dining room invites chat with staff and fellow diners; they don’t have a liquor license yet, but BYOB is welcome if you need a conversation-starter. Brightly painted walls are adorned with skater swag, toys, and a highly Instagrammable Samuel L. Jackson painting. Just don’t order a “Royale with Cheese” here — Feast puts Micky D’s to shame in any language.

OPEN DAILY 11:00 AM-8:00 PM

 FRIDAY & SATURDAY 11:00 AM-11:00 PM


PHONE: (401) 398-8011

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