The Candy Store Cup is Sweet Boat Racing This Weekend in Newport

If you’re looking for a sweet shoreside spectacle this week, look no further than Historic Newport Harbor: summer home of mega-yachts!

This July 27-29, sail yachts with lengths over 90’ LOA will race in the Candy Store Cup 2017 Superyacht Regatta, sponsored by Bannister’s Wharf and Newport Shipyard.  This year, the smallest yacht entered is 23 meters. The largest, the Zenji, is an impressive 184’ (56m).

Candy Store Cup organizers announced in April that they added a Corinthian Spirit class.  Corinthian Spirit racing is meant to emphasize enjoyable competitive racing, minimal impact on captain’s resources, and fewer racing crew.

This invitational regatta is all about camaraderie. Pursuit-style racing begins each day at 1 p.m. off Castle Hill, for a distance of 15.6 nautical miles. The best vantage point for the race will be along Narragansett Bay’s East Passage, south of Pell Bridge. Afterwards, each evening is filled with social events including the post-race soirée, Yacht Hop, and the Candy Cup Party.

The Candy Store Cup Party and Awards are scheduled for Saturday at 7 pm. Much fun is to be had with this crowd of internationals! Happy Racing!



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