13 Places To Get Your Halloween Penny Candy Fix in Rhode Island

Halloween is almost here. Instead of running to the closest corner store chain, visit a locally-owned candy shop in Rhode Island. What might surprise you is the greater variety of nostalgic penny candies like Smarties lollipops, gold coins, Warheads, and Super Sour Drops. Better yet, these stores have sweets year round to satisfy your candy…

Even Pirates Need an Education

The nonprofit Ocean State Theatre Company in Warwick is all about educating young folks in the ways of performance. And that would include hosting “Pirate School!” on March 11 at 11 a.m.

More Than Raw to Explore at the Greenwich Bay Oyster Bar

Fresh fish is the star at Greenwich Bay Oyster Bar — not unexpected, given the name, but even when things get a little fancied up away from the raw bar, the chefs at this East Greenwich restaurant don’t let too much get in the way of the main ingredient: locally sourced seafood.

Where to Go to Pick What You Want

It’s fall, and the living is tasty in Rhode Island. This is the time of year for ample pick-your-own opportunities from the top of the state to the bottom, particularly apples and pumpkins, as well as peaches, raspberries and other sweet treats. Planning a picking day is also a pretty cool adventure for the kids,…

New Yacht Club Political Pop Lets You Vote with Your Mouth!

If the thought that some voters still can’t decide between the HillDog and The Donald makes you need a drink, Rhode Island’s Yacht Club Bottling Works has some fizzy fun for you. The North Providence company this week released a pair of politically charged carbonated drinks: Hillary’s Liberal Limeade and Donald’s Populist Punch.

We Had a Blast at Gaspee Days 2016

A celebration of the 1772 attack on the H.M.S. Gaspee in the waters just off the village of Pawtuxet — hailed as one of the first acts of resistance leading to the American Revolution in 1776 — the annual Gaspee Days parade is full of musketry and cannon fire: the former from the many militia…

Photo of the Day: Spring Blooms on the Pawtuxet

We love the Pawtuxet Village home of our friends Kevin and Sara, which sits right on the Pawtuxet River and is our base for kayaking adventures each spring. Sara snapped this beautiful shot of the irises blooming in her backyard — maybe the warm weather will soon be here for real, at least by Gaspee Days??

Photo of the Day: Pawtuxet River at Pontiac Mills

The weather has been such crap this spring, we thought it would be nice to share an image of a sunnier day. Ever paddle the Pawtuxet? You can go from a spot near the mill all the way out to the bay in Pawtuxet Village now that the dam has been pulled down!