Seastreak Expands Providence-Newport Ferry Service for 2017

Why choose between a Providence or Newport vacation when you can have both? Thanks to the seasonal Seastreak high-speed ferry service, you can easily combine the seaside charms of Newport with the vibrant cultural and dining scene of Providence with a scenic, one-hour ferry ride across Narragansett Bay.

Simpatico Jamestown Warms Us Up and Gets Us Looking Forward to Summer

It seems like Simpatico Jamestown, one of our favorite Rhode Island restaurants, continues to grow and change with every new season.

A Dozen Ways to Have Fun with Kids in Newport

Newport isn’t necessarily viewed as a kid-friendly destination, what with all the fine dining and antique shops and wild summer nightlife and the potentially catastrophic breakables at the Breakers and the other Newport mansions.  But the City by the Sea is actually tons of fun for children, especially active kids whose idea of a good day…

Pinot Noir Rules the Night at Benovia’s Hotel Viking Wine Dinner

Benovia Winery is a small producer of high-end wines — especially pinot noir. How small? Total production on their excellent 2014 Fort Ross Seaview Chardonnay was just 12 barrels: for some big wineries, that would constitute spillage.

Sure Sign of Spring: Newport Restaurant Week

You can ring in spring in a most tasty way with Newport Restaurant Week March 27 through April 7, with about 50 eateries participating throughout Newport and Bristol counties. Diners can get three-course, prix fixe lunches for $16 and dinners for $35 at the expanded 12-day event.

March Newport Gallery Night Coming Up

Attention art lovers: the next Newport Gallery Night is scheduled for March 9, with many of the city’s art galleries, museums, and cultural institutions open free to the public from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

Bacon Jam Tops the Best Burger in Newport

We’ve had some great burgers in the city by the sea, but there can only be one best burger, and this year the honor goes to one of our favorite Newport eateries — Jo’s American Bistro. 

Recapture the Spirit of Winter This Weekend in Newport

With temperatures pushing 70 degrees in February (thanks, global warming), it’s been hard to embrace the winter vibe lately. But Newport is gamely plunging forward with its Winter Festival this weekend, ice bars, skating lessons and all.

Ice Cream in Newport Any Time of Year

Walking around Newport recently, we had a hankering for ice cream, despite it being mid-winter. As luck would have it, we spotted a place that’s been around for several years but somehow missed our inspection.

Wharf Pub a Worthy Warmer-Upper in Newport

We happened on the Wharf Pub in Newport one chilly winter afternoon, not having been there before. It’s always good to hit unfamiliar spots in places you know, and for decent pub fare on a cold day, Wharf Pub’s a worthy alternative.

New Surprise In An Old City

Just when you think you know a place, it surprises you. Take Newport, for example, a city I thought I knew pretty well. But one reasonably non-freezing winter day when four of us hit the city for a walk, sure enough, we found new something new – at least to us.

Ringing In Little Rhody New Year

There is no shortage of places to celebrate the new year in Rhode Island, with the biggest and most diverse being in the Providence and Newport areas, but many others in between.